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    Silver 2 – Prime (Rank Maybe Expired)

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    Silver Elite Master – Prime (Rank Maybe Expired)

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    Gold Nova 3 – Prime (Rank Maybe Expired)

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    Gold Nova 1 – Master – Prime (Rank and Wins Maybe Expired)

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    Master Guardian 1 – Prime (Rank and Wins Maybe Expired)

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    Master Guardian 2 – Prime (Can Add Friends) (Rank Maybe Expired)

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    Legendary Eagle Master – Prime (Rank and Wins Maybe Expired)

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    Non Prime Private Rank 2

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    Non Prime l Random Rank l FACEIT Ready

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Instant Delivery

Get access to accounts with the blink of an eye, that too without any hidden charges. We remain committed in delivering account credentials instantly to the customer with our state-of-the-art automated delivery system.

24/7 Live Suppourt

An efficient and dedicated team is at your disposal round the clock. Their only task is to help and assist you and to remove any ambiguities and confusions that raise in your mind.

Payment Methods

As the world is transforming itself into a global village. People from different corners of the globe approach us. We offer various payment methods in order to facilitate our distant customers..

Customer relation

We strive to excel in providing you the best services to sustain an enduring and harmonious relationship. It is all that matters because strong professional relationships is one of our founding principles


Most frequent questions and answers

Just a few steps and you have an account that fits your needs:

  1. Get Yourself Registered With us.
  2. Select Your Desired CSGO Ranked Account , You can add Multiple accounts at once and checkout.
  3. Select the payment method you which is feasible to you, We Accept secured payments Via PayPal, Credit Cards (Stripe).
  4. Get your account details delivered to you via email instantly once the payment is completed.
  5. If you cannot get hold of your account details , Our Live Support team is there to help You!

You will get the account details in a blink of an eye once the payment is completed , If any problem occurs our live support plays the role.

If you have any queries you can cotact us on [email protected]

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Every thing is nice and clean Every thing is nice and clean, i have a delay but with support problem disaperead.
Maksymilian Rukszan
Legit! Had a little issue, but everything was resolved quickly without any problems! Awesome support!
Czech Republic
I'm verry happy with the service i got they are helping you really quick if you need help 5 stars easy 😀 <3

About CSGO

Are you the person whose friend insists you on playing CSGO but you barely know much about it? Don’t know anything except that it’s a shooting game where people kill to win? That’s good enough but let’s expand our horizons a bit more.

Yes, CSGO or Counter Strike Global Offensive is a multi-player shooting game where two teams of five compete against each other following strict counter strike rules in a 30 rounds set, each team switching sides after 15 rounds. This might sound similar to any shooting game like modern combat or call of duty but do not be misled by these simple words. Counter strike has a lot more to it. If you really want to nail the game you’ll need to work a lot on your aim, movement, game-centered approach, map knowledge and importantly your economy management. Economy management you say? How important can that be, right? That’s the beauty of CSGO, it makes you think! Basically you are rewarded for every kill and when you win rounds in a single competitive match. What you now have to understand is how to use the money you’ve earned to buy new gadgets, to go all in or just half buy. Additionally every weapon has a different award if you use it to kill the opponent. There are a total of six modes in this game presently but the competitive mode constitutes nearly everybody’s sustenance. The significance of CSGO cannot be measured by looking at it as a mere shooting game harboring a high skill ceiling but by how its popularity among E-sport addicts is taking the world by the storm, having the best of the best forming leagues to compete in CSGO tournaments and mega brains carefully knitting their strategies towards claiming this E-sport championship. We might as well refer to this not a game but a CSGO culture.

Prime Accounts:

Simply put, a prime account is paid account. You can get this by purchasing a prime account or by reaching 21 or more ranks of the game. The main idea behind prime accounts is to keep cheaters, frauds, and bots at bay; basically improving user experience. Since prime accounts get matched with other prime account holders, this ensures that whoever is the holder, has a certain skill level and is not there to ruin the gaming experience. Another way you can get hold of a prime account is if you have a service medal that precedes you saying you’re a legitimate player who has dedicated generous time into the game.

Non-Prime Accounts:

Non-prime accounts are essentially free accounts. However, you can only get matched with non-prime account holders. If you want to play with a friend who is a prime account holder you might have to toss a handful of rocks to reach 21 ranks or easily get hold of one here with affordable and reasonably priced accounts. Did we mention how cheap they are? Check them out yourselves!

Service Medal Accounts:

A service medal establishes that you are an avid CSGO player who has put in countless hours into the game, polishing their skills over time to reach rank 40 where you get awarded with a service medal. There are a total of six service medals to claim and to claim each one you have to reach rank 40 every time, silver medal being rank 1 and red medal being rank 6, the final service medal rank. Having a service medal adds value to your account but demands lots of patience and hard work however, there’s good news for you! We already have service medal accounts up for grabs at cheap rates. Visit our service medal section to select the account that best suits you.

Why choose us?

Boosted Ranked Accounts

We understand how difficult it is to place trust in a website advertising to be selling quality guaranteed accounts without third party hacks. For this very reason, we believe in producing our own accounts that are boosted by our hired professionals who are diligently working round the clock to provide you with a variety of ranked accounts that suit your need. Since we do not purchase these accounts, we feel pride in taking complete responsibility when we say these accounts are safe to use       (VAC clean) and will not compromise your gaming experience.


To further validate our position we exercise a reasonable refund policy applicable for 30 days after purchase. This is applied if no game has been played after purchase, you have been sold a wrong account or if the account becomes dormant upon purchase. Also, if circumstances lead to your account being compromised, we advise you to register a complaint so that our team can try recovering your account within the next three business days after the complaint has been received.

Secure Transactions

Over 9000 accounts sold through our primary payment processor PayPal and we also use Stripe as a payment gateway; these being the cardinal payment processing gateways with a repute for secure ends.

Round the Clock Live Support

Our live support team is always readily available to resolve your queries and assist you in selecting the best smurf account as per your need. New to CSGO? Do not know how to operate your smurf account? Just message our live support team in the live chat box and one of our team members will be available to help you through the transaction process and even after its done because we remain of service to you throughout your CSGO journey!  

Automated Instant Delivery

Who doesn’t want their gaming extravaganza to start immediately, right? To make the account instantly accessible to its rightful owner we have made use of our state-of-the-art automated delivery system whereby all the details concerning the transaction will be sent via an email just as you say CSGO!

Cheap Affordable Reasonable, call it what you will!

We believe hard earned money should not be caved into expensive smurf accounts because if this was the case you’d be able to spend only so much. Our idea of a good smurf account is one that is cheaply priced, high quality and free from third party hacks so you can game long enough down the road. Too good to be true? We make sure we meet the criteria we define. And just to be extra sure every potential gamer gets an opportunity to experience the CSGO culture as we define it, we repeatedly announce huge sales on all our products. Adding on, to make our potential clients feel welcomed to this gaming fraternity we have introduced a CSGO collection of tangibles i.e. T-shirts, key chains, mugs etc. that are available upon preorder.


As the word explains itself, trust factor is simply a tag to your account that signals to your potential team members whether or not this account is to be trusted, that is, account is not a cheat. Accounts with similar trust factor are matched thereby improving the match making experience. Accounts with a low trust factor or red factor are matched and accounts with a high trust factor or a green factor are matched. There is also a yellow trust factor meaning the account can be trusted but there’s little surety. However just by being a fair, adept and polite gamer can automatically increase your trust factor. Also some other methods are as under:

  • Get commended by your team at the end of the game if you played a good fair game without the air of toxicity. It’ll boost your trust factor and bring value to your account.
  • Don’t get reported. Reports about a particular account are considered when calculating its trust factor so do not carry that negativity with you into the game, do not abuse and be a supportive teammate.
  • Do overwatch. Be an active member of the CSGO community to get access to overwatch. You’ll then be able to read reports on accounts and decide whether they are authentic and eligible to play. If you gain trust in the community you will definitely gain trust in the game.
  • Play non-competitive games for a while like casual game modes until you see your trust factor change into a leafy green colour.

Process of purchase

When you decide to purchase from us, you’ll have a wide variety to choose from; Silvers, Gold Novas, Mater Guardians, Legendary Eagles, Global Elite and many others each unique to itself. But first remember to register with us. Select your desired CSGO Ranked account and proceed to select a payment method. Payment methods include Paypal and Credit Cards (Stripe). Once the payment is made, you will receive the account’s details via an email. The details include Steam username and a Steam password. If you cannot get hold of your account’s details, our live support team will be available to assist you.


We consider your word of utmost importance to us simply because when a customer shares their experience we understand where we went wrong and how to make their experience better. Constructive criticism drives our fuels tanks because they are to the point useful tips that hint where we’re going wrong and when to keep up the good work; we enjoy facilitating customers that give time to provide remarks about their experience. We believe this unbroken chain of conversing and understanding has helped us build a family of over 9000 proficient gamers who always head back to us when they require our services simply because as a family we value each and every member. Our customer engagement, persistency to better ourselves and selling you clean inexpensive accounts adds to our reliability, and is what we believe gives us an edge over numerous websites.